Monday, July 2, 2012

Welcome to the Present

In an attempt to finally join the modern world, based so heavily on technology, I have started a blog. This, you obviously know if you are reading these words, as you have already found my blog. For those of you that know me, this may be surprising, and trust me, I myself, am shocked. But, for the past few years I have been under the belief that one day, I will be famous for simply being me. Also, I have a fantasy of becoming a travel writer, as traveling is my ultimate addiction. In order for either of these prophecies to come true I realized I must do at least two things, get my name out there, and most importantly write.

I realized that there is no way to be famous just for being yourself. For this misguided dream, I blame Paris Hilton. When she first hit the scene, I was under the impression that her fame was for nothing other than being Paris Hilton, and while that is part is true, her name and noteriaty came only from her born identity, she still have a reason to be famous. Being part of that family is what she did. Not that she, herself, actually did anything. But still, it's more than I have going for me right now. My family does not own a hotel chain, and our monetary wealth does not rival that of a small country. So no, I can't go the Paris Hilton route.

That means I must find another way to become famous and seeing as I'm not the modeling type, nor the acting or singing type, and I don't plan on doing anything like tight rope walking between two famous buildings or being the first woman to play in the NFL, I suppose becoming a well known writer will have to suffice.

As for the dellusion of travel writing, I need a lot of work. It's not that I don't have the travel experience, quite the contrary, I've been to 18 countries, over 10 states, and I'll spare you the number of cities. So you see, I have traveled. And every time I take a trip and I pack a journal. I often go buy one specifically for that trip, sometimes with overly cliche illustrations on the front that show passport stamps and images of the Eifel tower.  But no matter where I go, for how long, with whom I travel, or the motivation for the trip in the first place, I don't seem to write a damn word in that journal! So herein lies the rub, in order to be a travel writer, you must first travel, and secondly, WRITE!

So here you have it ladies and gentleman, my first blog. Now if only we didn't have to call it a blog......There has got to be a better name.

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